Welcome to Operator.

Calling all sci-fi buffs, horror fans all other weirdos….welcome to Operator the Web Series! Based on Sam Barnett’s viral short film Operator, which has received over 600,000 views between Youtube and Vimeo, Operator is officially returning to the web as a 15 episode series.

Operator if a sci-fi horror stop-motion web series about a corporation which unleashes a plague of bio-mechanical parasites on its workers. In the original Operator the InfoCorp Corporation enslaves all of its workers with a biomechanical parasite.

The web series will pick up where the short left off, following workers that escape the initial infection as they fight back against the company. Chaos grows as upper lever employees turn against the company, the mastermind of the biomechanical parasites seeks to take complete control of the company, and everyone deals with the fallout of the Rhizomect System.

Right now, we have a Kickstarter going to get the show off the ground and to your screens. Check out the link below and donate if you can!

To learn more about Operator the web series, what inspired Sam Barnett to create the show, and information on Operator’s release dates, check in here on this blog. We will continue to provide updates on the show as each episode is made and released on to the web. Stay tuned!